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Monday, June 27, 2016


EDM: Blutronx, Dance 
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Welcome to our music artistry. MARYJANEROBI consists of two talented singer songwriters by integrating both MARYJANEROBI who writes, compose, and produce their music,. While recorded enough Blutronx tracks for 2 albums of material for future release, they created an EDM sub genre known as Blutronx. Blutronx has been a sub-genre of EDM.
Restructured their sound which is a EDM (Electronic Dance Music) mix of Trance, Deep House, Modern Hip Hop, and Glitch, with some Rock. This is the Blutronx, BluX movement. MARYJANEROBI are continually writing and composing their EDM sound to be performed at music festivals,and having their short versions played on radio stations, throughout the US, and other countries.

MARYJANE is a performing multi-instrument vocalist and, lyricist that provides a strong sound for the EDM "Blutronx" movement. She plays guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, percussion,and electronic drums.  As her lead vocals delivering a unique raw sound that emerges the listeners to take notice.

ROBI is a performing multi-instrument,vocalist who plays keyboards, s-drums, synthesizer guitar, arps, salorbass. Robi provides the rest needed bass synths on the keyboard. This drives the music into several moods which is hypnotic at times and sets the melody and hook for their dynamic vocals. He sometimes sings vocals with a deep robotic vo-coder while performing on stage,and the unique ability to play a synthesizer with drum machine, bass, arp, piano around his neck at times. Blutronx music samples can be heard on
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