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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Unveiled" Maryjanerobi

You never fail until you stop trying.” ~ ― Albert Einstein

 Maryjane is a multi-instrument vocalist that provides a strong sound for all styles of music. Robi who has played for several bands and both are  multi-instrument. Maryjanerobi are the originators of Blutronx  From the roots of Electronica, House Blues and  Rock with a definite hybrid groove called Blutronx. With arrangements that have unmistakable lyrics, a solid rhythm, and catchy hooks will make you want to move, hum along and dance.

New album "Unveiled" will be released in 2015

  1. Sunset Sky
  2.  Baby D Bleuz
  3.  Ain't Got A Dollar
  4.  Take A Chance
  5.  I Love You 
  6.  Quiet Moment
  7. Plus bonus tracks

Time Travel,Maryjanerobi

  • Gravity In Flight
  • Dream of Me
  • Red Wine Rythm & Bluz
  • Simple Sam
  • Come With Me
  •  Aria
  •  Party Alright Now
  •  Vegas Baby
  •  I Know What I Want
  • How Can This Be

Dynamic Duo Blutronx with Maryjanerobi

 Bluetronx originators, Maryjanerobi. Their style is positively  unique  with catchy  hooks. As many sit awaiting for their video and new songs. Maryjanerobi will come out with a Bang and suprise you. You'll never know what to expect from these two songwriters and never  knowing what they will have up their sleeves when it comes to musical  style and  music production. They have a 90 min. production, you must see when they come to your town or country. Maryjanerobi is currently working on their third album to be release in the fall of  2015 and a video coming soon!