Monday, March 17, 2014

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Our Stuff


 JBL Professional JRX100,HH Electronics,Mackie CFX,Yorkville Commercial, Stageworks, Alesis,Korg, Novation, Salorbass, Ibanez, Roland,TC Helicon,Nady Wireless,Custom Monitors,Tascam 24track, Zoom,Korg 4,8 track, Onstage Chrome stands, ARP 2800, ARP 2300 Synthesizers, CV4 Midi-CV, Yamaha PSR1,MDX1400,SKB Racks.

Members Of Band
Female Lead vocalist---plays percussion, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, BU vocals. Drums--plays Roland V-Drums.TD15 Keyboards lead vocalist,BU vocals---plays multi keyboards guitar sounds, piano, strings,synthesizers, orchestra sounds.


Winter Bears 2014-15

 We hibernate just like bears. Mid Feb. we start rehersing for upcoming gigs for spring and summer!