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Saturday, January 17, 2015


You never fail until you stop trying.” ~ ― Albert Einstein
Maryjane is a multi-instrument vocalist that provides a strong sound for all styles of music. Robi who has played for several bands and both are  multi-instrument. Maryjanerobi are the originators of Bleutronx  From the roots of Electronica/House Blues Rock with a definite hybrid groove called Bluetronx.

Maryjanerobi introduces a new genre of music. From the roots of Electronic Blues Rock with a definite groove; comes a new Dance Rock Pop blend of music. With arrangements that have unmistakable lyrics, a solid rhythm, and catchy hooks will make you want to move, hum along
and dance.
New album "Unveiled" will be released in 2015

  1. Sunset Sky
  2.  Baby D Bleuz
  3.  Ain't Got A Dollar
  4.  Take A Chance
  5.  I Love You 
  6.  Quiet Moment
  7. Plus bonus tracks

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